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Love, Fear and Reverential Awe. Monday's Inspiration 37


Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them...there is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love, because he first loved us.” 1 John 4: 16-19.

O Love! my Love; Unutterable Glow. A Sonnet

Love shines in the night, as well as the Light,

She heals the afflicted; gives the blind sight.

Lives with the downtrodden; carries their plight,

Burns like a flame, in my 'clutter' of night.

Love tends to my mother's sacrifice-soul,

Beauty's effulgence, emerge from Her rays.

Strengthen's mom's fortitude, peace is the goal,

Redolent roses, cascading Her ways.

The lustre She brings, does sparkle at dawn,

This core's now filled with bewildering bliss.

My soul She feeds in the glistening morn,

I'm drunk with Her graces; dazed by Her kiss.

"O Love! My Love; unutterable glow,

Thy sunbeams adore; more please, I implore!"

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 20th May, 2018.

~ Awakening The Inner Light ~

Cute smiles

Cute smiles

I looked at the smile of the child bouncing up and down the YMCA Terrace, Nairobi, and her face was filled with joy. Her brother was jumping and dancing with her and her mother might as well have been also, as her Spirit also radiated the same Light.

This reminds me of Love, this unparalleled gift from God … that yearning of the one for the One … this very pulse of life … the same Absolute, nourishing the faith which moves mountains, if we can only show as much as that of a grain of mustard seed. Consider this lofty piece by Jesus, The Christ.

“He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17: 20.NIV.

This, among favourites quoted both from the Bible and other sources, highlights the revelation that Love is not only the key to happiness, but happiness itself. This is why the Apostle dwells on it so much:

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." ~ 1 John 4:7

John also tells us that Love erases or drives out fear and indeed if we feel fear, it implies a sense of being afraid of His Justice, which can only mean that we are not perfect in Love. Consider the similarity of the visionary Sage Sri Chinmoy below:

“…we must not fear God's Justice and we must not fear God. If we fear God, we will never be able to reach God; we will never be able to get anything from God. If a child is afraid of his father, he will not be able to receive anything from his father... on the contrary, the child feels that the father will use that power to protect him if he is in danger…" He continues:

"A child does not have even a dollar, but if he knows that his father has thousands of dollars, he goes and tells his friends, "Look, I am so rich; my father has so much money." How he identifies with his father's wealth! “–Sri Chinmoy


It seems here that Sri Chinmoy is identifying Love with faith and trust, or perhaps a ‘trusting surrender’, such as the child feels for his own father. “Perfect Love, casteth out fear.” (1 John 4: 18.) Sri Chinmoy takes it further, even to the point that reverential Love, however meaningful, is not enough:

“Only through love do we become one. The moment we are afraid of someone, his reality and our reality become separate. I am your spiritual leader, but how am I going to give anything to you if you are afraid that it will just burn you? " He continues:

"Reverential awe is one thing; fear is something else. In reverential awe you feel that someone is a little higher than you, so you have to behave well. God is infinitely better than you in every way, so you feel that you must have that kind of reverence. But deeper than reverence is love, true love.” –Sri Chinmoy

Like all sincere spiritual teachers, Sri Chinmoy uses analogies, metaphors, stories to illustrate a spiritual point of view and here again, he calls upon the child for support:

“A child does not need reverence; he does not have to show reverence because he knows he has love, which is infinitely more effective. A child does not have to go and touch his father's feet every second. No. The moment he shows his father his love, his heart that is enough. “

Since God created us, then like our own father, everything He has is ours. We only need to ‘grow up,’ that is to say, to become nourished and matured in His Love and His precious Pearls will be ours. It is even unhealthy to be afraid:

“To approach God with fear or through fear is very unhealthy. We only love God. We feel that what our Father has, we also have. Unfortunately, we are still children; that is why our Father is unable to give it to us. The father does not give his vast wealth to a child. But when the child grows up, he gets what his father has and what his father is. If we can love God soulfully, then God will give us everything. “Sri Chinmoy.

The poetry of Rumi

The poetry of Rumi

This sweet abandonment of the child … this spontaneous sense of purity, innocent joy and identification, we need to develop, as well as a reliance on the Divine in perfect Love:

“When a child is playing in the mud and then all of a sudden he is called, he is not afraid that his mother will beat him because he is dirty. He will go running to his mother and his mother will immediately take his dirt, his filth, as her very own. She will wash him in order to show others that her son is also very clean. We have to take God like that. No matter how many undivine things we do we run towards Him and feel that with His Compassion He will just clean us immediately.” Sri Chinmoy.

Furthermore, we will be spiritually satisfied. Satisfaction' is the feeling of inner joy that someone receives through Love; through dedication and devotion to God. True fulfillment, which is inner satisfaction, comes from Love, Devotion and Surrender to the Will of the Supreme. When that happens, we learn to see God in sorrow as well as in Joy:

“Both Light and shadow, are the dance of Love.” –Jalal Uddin Mohammed Rumi.

Rumi further says that we are born of Love; that Love is our Mother… asks us to “be drawn by the pull of that which we truly Love.” For Rumi, ‘Love is the way that the messengers from the mystery tell us things.’

So finally we see that fear, apart from carrying the spirit of negative connotations anyway; even reverential awe, which is sacred and further up the ladder, is not enough purely because oneness is missing. We do not feel the same bond that the mother feels for the child and vice versa:

“In the spiritual life, what is necessary is real divine love, and not reverential awe. True love is the love of oneness. “–Sri Chinmoy

“…the divine love within us can never fail us, for this love has a permanent home and Source. That Source is God the infinite Concern, God the infinite Compassion, God the infinite blessingful Pride in mankind. Love ultimately gives us transcendental happiness. This happiness is not a thing that we talk about or see around us, but it is something that we can experience in our day to day multifarious activities. We can grow into this inner happiness of God's.”

Finally, I wish to end with a sublime piece from the poet-Seer Kabir:

“Make Love with the Divine now, and in the next life you will have the face of satisfied desire.”

Wisdom from Mirabai, the Seeress


This Sky by the Seer-Poet Hafiz

This sky where we live,

Is no place to lose your wings.

So Love, Love, Love. -Hafiz

Wisdom-Quote From Sri Chinmoy

"...when we worship we quite often maintain our own individuality and personality. We feel that we are at the foot of the tree while our Saviour is at the top of the tree... Because of this reverential awe, we find it difficult to merge totally into the consciousness of our Saviour.

But the divine lover, because of his inner oneness, dives deep into the Consciousness sea of his Beloved and becomes the sea itself. Like a tiny drop, he enters into the mighty ocean and becomes the mighty ocean itself." -Sri Chinmoy.

Love and Reverential Awe

© 2018 manatita44


manatita44 (author) from london on June 07, 2018:

Love propels the world, Li Jen and it is what sends the great spiritual figures to help us. Human love is a different thing. Thank you so much

Li-Jen Hew on June 07, 2018:

Hey Manatita. Thanks for the poem. It defines love well - love is everywhere. Pleasant explanation of love and reverence. Actually, thanks to you too for inspiring me to see the expression of love as not a weakness. It is a universal theme and should be embraced.

manatita44 (author) from london on May 26, 2018:

Yes ...yes Chris. That word ... this is the key: Love. You show a deep understanding!


You are a fine and sincere man. God bless you and all you love.

Chris Mills from Traverse City, MI on May 25, 2018:

I like Sri Chinmoy's emphasis on our need for each other. It must come about by being gripped with a love for our fellow man, the love you described in your poem. If I see a need even half a world away, I can meet that need because love constrains me.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on May 24, 2018:

Thanks, Manatita. There is something about the innocence of a child as so many wise teachers have taught, which allows us to move beyond the guilt we have accumulated as adults.

This is another powerful aspect of who you are in the HP Community - you follow in the footsteps of the great poets, teachers, and scholars by supporting other creative and loving minds.



manatita44 (author) from london on May 23, 2018:

Thank you, Tim.

You are a fine man. Actually, Love is really simple. Note I have not said 'easy' but simple. Guruji used to say that it is as normal as drinking water.

Look at the child... the sweet simplicity, the abandonment to Divine Providence, the innocence, guilelessness ... no mind. That is the secret!

When the Heart is active, we would love the Psalms, the Beatitudes ... not ponder on or try to unravel Revelations. God asks us to come as we are... to seek ... to knock. Be simple and sincere ... share our burdens ... but you know all this Bro. You have a beautiful Heart! Praise be!

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on May 23, 2018:

Dear Brother,

Spoken like the masters. I love that quote, straight from your heart:

"For me, every thing is about Consciousness/Spirit. It is Consciousness that determines where we are and how we behave in the scheme of things. Raising the Consciousness, allows us to heal the form."

A quote worth repeating and striving for.



manatita44 (author) from london on May 23, 2018:

True I was blessed and very devout as a child growing up in Christianity and learnt a lot from the missionaries.

The universality and oneness came from Sri chinmoy and later I studied many of the christian saints in greater detail.

For me, every thing is about Consciousness/Spirit. It is Consciousness that determines where we are and how we behave in the scheme of things. Raising the Consciousness, allows us to heal the form. Thank you so much!!

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on May 23, 2018:

In reading your poetry and inspirational article, I was struck by the fact that the doctrine of Predistination once dominated the nature of Christianity. Scholars agree (at least, in America), that slavery allowed a fusion of African and Christianity ideas, resulting in a more "gentle" interpretation of some of the Scriptures.

I mentioned that because love is such a complex topic that we remained in our infancy regarding many of the biblical truths about love and other texts for centuries.

I love the quotes by the masters of love you included in your work.

Thank you again for your enlightening piece.


Your brother,


manatita44 (author) from london on May 22, 2018:

Thank you, my Dear Shauna.


Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on May 22, 2018:

Very inspiring, Manatita. I love your poem about Light and Love. Very warming!

manatita44 (author) from london on May 22, 2018:


There were all Seers/Visionaries. Thank you so much, Dee.

Thanks Peggy.

Much more, infinitely more but mothers sacrifice is truly immortal as it comes from the Divine Light Itself.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 22, 2018:

Always empowered by your exploration of Love and Light. Hafiz's quotes and also the others are so filling.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 22, 2018:

I really liked how you broke this down into the simplest of terms when using the love and trust of children in relation to their parents and the love of parents for their children. It is nice to think that God has that same love for us as a parent does for his child.

manatita44 (author) from london on May 22, 2018:


Indeed! Incredibly cute ... soft, charming ... innocent like our Hearts yearn to be. Hari OM!!

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on May 22, 2018:

I was thinking the same thing, my brother and it is another sign that we are connected somehow through the beautiful channels of Love! I fully agree with your comment, and that's why I try to teach my kids and my students the Oneness.

May the Lord with His Wisdom makes us good mediums!

PS: The photo with the two BEAUTIFUL girls is, by itself, a great poem to Oneness!

manatita44 (author) from london on May 21, 2018:


I was thinking only yesterday, that your last Hub and mines could go side by side. Yours re-inforces mine. You have done it so well! Mine is the other half that the Hubpages gods, did not allow you to do.

I wrote it on Sunday. But I had problems with the capsules, hence it coming out on Monday.

Yes, it is a tough one for many. For we know our limited selves and do not feel worthy of the Divine.

This holds us back. We lack the abandonment of the child and all its filth, to mother's care.

Consequently, we see God as separate, even though we know He's omnipresent and in our Heart. Oneness is missing, even while we say that we are made in His own image.

I treasure your sentiment. It is a victory for us: me, you, your children, God's crying souls and above all, a victory for God. Alhamdullal'ah!

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on May 21, 2018:

One of the best things I have ever read, my beloved brother! Is all my believes, my philosophy, my view of Him. Thank you for this sublime gift to my kids and me. Because now I can explain to them, in the best way, all I want to say to them about fear and Love.

Eternal gratitude!

Sean "fearless and Loveful" Dragon

manatita44 (author) from london on May 21, 2018:

Yes, Linda.

Most of us know that not all are so fortunate. Still, spiritual teachers from time immemorial, has drawn on everyday examples to help us. Very often, or indeed always, the inner Spirit of the message is more significant than what is said.


Yes. There is nothing greater than Light or Spirit and we are made in the image of Spirit. We are encouraged to be as perfect as the Spirit in Heaven which is perfect. In perfect Love there is neither separation nor fear. You are a reservoir of tremendous Love or Light. Never forget this. Gratitude.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on May 21, 2018:

The love of parent for child and child for parent might not be fully understood by some. Unfortunately some of us did not experience a happy childhood. But there is comfort in knowing that we are perfectly loved by He who IS perfect love.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on May 21, 2018:

This is a beautiful message reminding us that God IS love and love IS God, and there is nothing greater than both God and love. Have a wonderfully blessed day.

manatita44 (author) from london on May 21, 2018:

Thanks Patricia.

Good to see you again and hope that you are well. This one should gel with you better than the other. Glad you enjoyed it. Gratitude.

Thanks Bill.

Faith is an act of Love, yes. Sounds better to me this way round. Thank you so much!!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on May 21, 2018:

Love is an act of faith, is it not? Faith is an act of love. With each we learn more about life. :) Peace be with you, brother!

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on May 21, 2018:

God's love carries us up and over the challenges and rejoices with us as we enjoy the blessings He provides. Thank you for stating this so thoughtfully as is your way.

Many Angels are on the way to you ps

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