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Love Doesn't Hurt People


Love doesn't hurt people, people hurt each other,

Fear of love hurts, perfect love cast out all fear,

Why? Because fear is a tormentor, not a mentor.

Love didn’t hurt me, then who was it and who shall I blame?

Nobody really! I invested it in someone, or in others,

Who didn’t know how to love themselves,

How could I expect them to know how to love me,

Love cannot hurt me, because love stands still,

Patiently waits! Giving only will propel motion,

Emotions are movement, I feel, stirrings in the heart,

Conditioning of the mind, respond or react,

But, love will never be, who caused me pain,

Love loves, has loved, lives to be just love,

Hatred is lust, dressed up and masked as love,

It parades around as if every day is Halloween,

Trick or treat is uttered in silence, as it tells you I love you,

Why say it at all if you cannot qualify, lust or love,

What is it you are feeling, why the need to lie about how you feel?

Is it because you don’t know the difference betwixt hatred and love,

You haven't contrasted hatred, which is formed by lust,

From love which is pure and genuine created above,

Lust will be a close companion when you hate or are hated,

Seduction and manipulation at its side, ready to siege,

How can you interpret and translate lust into love?

Lust and love are not equals,

Love is still, it is peaceful, it is kind,

There is no kindness in lust, it is hard, it is cruel,

Lust for fame, and fortune, Love stands with virtue and honor,

It is the belief in love being more than, a concept or idea,

Even the idea of love will keep you, hearts afire!

But, that is all it may be, just an idea, and not a perfect ideal,

If who you choose to give love to who can’t or doesn’t feel as you do,

That is a choice, can you own that decision?

Love is not a taker or a receiver,

Love is always the giver, Giving till gone, so it seems,

Replenishing every emotion not to break but to breakthrough,

In covenant, it takes at least two to give love,

Not a giver and a receiver, both must give, or

That is more of a debt, that you will need to repay or forgive,

Rather than repent over your own quality of love, to keep it pure, and safe,

Those emotions come from the treasury of your own heart,

If you give it away, there are no guarantees, you will ever receive,

The quality of what you give or gave, then you suffer loss,

Are you willing to revolve around love, as it stands still

Resolve who you love, make sure you can love you first,

And when you love? Love really isn’t the one moving,

It stands still, it is your emotions that always move you,

Love will be right where you left it, in your heart,

When who you love or loved, Is really the one you blame,

Process your own crime scene, determine who is the perpetrator,

Is it you, is it me, what should be done? I should repent!

For placing myself in danger, and in harm's way,

Not knowing how to love me enough to read the signs,

When only you know how to love you, and how fragile you are,

Without relying on another pair of arms of flesh, which will fail you,

They can't be with you and you can't be with them, at all times,

As you live, please learn how to love you,

You won’t really expect it from anyone, but you,

And it will be the gift you give and not be waiting to receive,

The power of God's love is in the gift that is given, not really received,

Love's power is giving, and not regarding the painful accompaniment,

In not receiving, what you have given, I gave in the office of love,

The power of love needs more than one, in any and every relationship,

A broken heart will need more than you know, to heal,

Will or can you recognize pain, when it is not your own?

Just because they cannot recognize the pain that is their own,

And comes from their own heart, broken pretending to be whole,

Guard your heart with all the relentless determination within you,

Regardless of all opposition in your way, because out of your heart,

Flow the issues of love. Love can't hurt you, you are moving, it is still,

Conclusion, don't you hurt you, and neither can others hurt you.

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