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"Love-Betrayal" A Poem.

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Mar is a child educator and an English lit graduate who enjoys reading and writing poems, articles, and short stories on various topics.

A short Summary

She was happy and content with her life, when there came a "Prince of her dreams" with a scent of affection and fondness. That essence of love she felt in the beginning was then shattered with loneliness, disloyalty and betrayal.



Happy were nights, beautiful were days

Mind was dreaming of meeting love one day

Then came the spring, bringing the fragrance

fragrance of love, that spread all the way

Eyes contacted ,hearts got the beats

Even with the crowd, empty were streets


It was love, they felt it , together

With that love ,they filled lives of each other

Then mornings became beautiful, filled with enlightenment

Days were as same ,but with more excitement

Love was there even their fight

They had lovely days and lovely nights


Then he betrayed, leaving the scars

Scars of love, very deep they are

Now her mornings are in sorrows, nights are scary

A load of grief, her heart does carry

Her eyes are now ocean, oceans does flow

No one has the power, Making oceans flow slow


She maybe smiling, but heart does cry

Don’t judge her emotions if her eyes are dry

Her heart is Broken, now she is changed

Oh you boy ! Why you played this game?


© 2021 Mar

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