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Love - Balanced Equation Part 4

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Introductory Words

She couldn't believe what she was experiencing in her heart, but she knows what she was experiencing was real.

How will this work out? With her parents, the gods and the culture to contend with.

This troubles her heart.

Maybe it is infatuation she thought

This may be another form of lust

As people say.

But alas! This keeps growing in

Her heart.

Then pushing lusts aaide

She starts dreaming about him

How they will ever be together

Continues to dream of her

Being in his hand

Of how she has placed her

Head on his chest auscultating

His heart beats as if she is

Usingt Stethoscope

She often times sees herself

Smiling at these dreams about

Them being together

"How possible could this be?"

He must have been with a damsel

She thought and wants to back off

A second person within her heart

Asks her to forge ahead

"There shan't be troubles"

The second person has been saying

Reluctantly she continues albeit

Deeply happy and was elated

When she discovers that what

She thought has been what

He has been thinking.

The equation is balanced.

The strange feelings become real.

Everyday is merrymaking for them

But when they think about

The issues of the gods and her parents

Their morales become dampened for seconds


This continues for sometimes

Until they reasoned that

"The path a person uses to

Climb a tree is the advisable

Path for which the person

Should descend from the tree

For convenience

Therefore they decide to use

The Divine to appease her parents

And instruct the gods of their situation

And the logjam they were in

This they decide to employ because

They know Divine is powerful than mortals

The services of the Divine was

Employed like people do say that

With patience the hardest substance's

Particles on earth could be broken

And soften

The Divine who hath said those

Who call on him will be answered

And will not put such people to shame

If they can wait on and for him

At the end of it all

They became overcomers

Because their parents received

New hearts and everyone

Becomes happy

Joy in their hearts know

No limitations when they

Become one and remembering

The dreams of yesteryears

She was happier.



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