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Love - Balanced Equation Part 3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Introductory Words

Having known the position of her parents, she however was not at peace with this decision, but she would not be sure maybe she is "okay" or she is not because to many in the land, she is not right and ought to absorb, accept what her parents have decided upon wothout wavering.

This is the third in the series.

Then she believes she must

Be a different breed, hers

Is an exceptional case,

She is a rare breed.

For others grow to love the

Persons chosen by gods yea

Their parents but for her she

Increasingly loses taste of love,

Sense of belonging for the Young Man

The more his heart moves closer

The farther her heart moves away

From him

The more she hears his name

The more she does not want

The name mentioned by her

Rare breed forsooth

Friends concluded

For though she is yet

Without a suitor, yet she

Does not want him.

All feelings gone.

Then like lightening in the

Firmament that transverses the

Length and breadth of the firmament

Being visible to all who has

Eyes and for those without

Eyes the sound that follows

Makes them know something

Is about to happen

Such was what happened to her

When she comes across the new

Young Man as she becomes restless.

The restlessness will soon be

Overcome she thought but the

More she thinks about the first

Sight seen the most restless

In heart she becomes.

"What could this be?"

She queried herself.

Then she soon discovers

She always wants to hear

His voice

Even if she cannot see him

Her utmost desire is to always

See him a day even if for seconds

Soon this feelings overwhelmed her

And pushed out the thoughts, if any,

Of the earlier Young Man, the chosen

One by gods and her parents off her heart


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