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Love - Balanced Equation Part 2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Introductory Words

In their land, people cherish gods, they are enjoined not to take a step without consulting the oracles yea the gods.

This her parents did because they need to find someone for their daughter a reputable person who will take care of her.

For they know if she did not get someone who is from a "good" family, such a one may not take proper care of their daughter for them.

In that part of the world, they still follow ancient beliefs about marriage. One of the beliefs is that parents should take a spouse for their daughter or son because being young (sons and daughters), they won't know much about the family backgrounds of different clans or families in their land.

This her parents equally designed to do thence consulting the gods.

This is the second in the series.

This her parents divulged to her

Because they know she loves

Things of the spirits, love gods

And should agree with them

Accepting their findings.

For it is the norm of the land

That parents find lovers for their wards

Having made researches

Thus they haven't acted differently from others

She tried to key in to their

Findings yea the belief of the land

On this wise because to the

People of the land, it's a taboo

To reject such honor, findings

And revelations by the gods

As best as she tries to succumb

To their wish and fell heads over heels

In love with the Young Chap

She discovers she couldn't

Because her heart increasingly

Goes away from the Young Man

And if perhaps she has had inkling

Of feelings for him before

Such has been eroded with her

Parents utterances and the gods choice

She tries to examine herself

Perhaps something is wrong

With her for others like her

Accepts their parents' wishes

Whether or not revealed and

Sanctioned by the gods of the land

She could not do this

This therefore pricked her mind

Thinking something must be amiss

Somewhere thinking something

Must be wrong with her

"Am I at war with the gods?

"Am I not on the war path with

"The gods?" She asks herself repeatedly

Like a proverb of their land

That says "emitted rays of light

From a lantern cannot and will

Not cover the base of the lantern"

She decides to sample opinion

From others about herself.

She asks to know if anything

Is wrong with her from people.

She asks if her personality

Among other things about her

Have changed but the response

Was that all was "okay" with her


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