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Love - Balanced Equation Part 1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Introductory Words

This is a series on love based on what the writer seen in one of the neighborhoods in hia country of residence.

Having watched intently and followed the incidents for sometimes he decides to write this poetry about the incidents of yesteryears.

I hope you all will enjoy this simple work.

As from the period of her

Childhood has she put it in her mind

That she wants her family to be

Bettee than her parents

She as from then hasbeen

Extrapolating into the future

Thinking of how her partner

Should look and whom he should be

For her not to live another

Person's dream she has rejected

Pressures from her parents to

Marry a man she likes but not love

Likeness can grow to love

People say and she believes

It's possible but she discovered

That her likeness for him

Has not been translated to love

This she can assertively say because

They have been in close contact

For years yet no changes in feelings for him

Her feelings for him hasn't gone

Deeper as she thought it should

If really she is to settle down with

Him "for better for worse".

Having discovered this she

Frowns at the suggestions

Of her parents stemming out

Of their closeness for years

As the common practices of her land

Taken everything spiritual her parents

Have gone spiritual and out of all persons

She is close with, they have

Chosen one for her which

Expectedly will make her life

Better by all standards

Coupled with giving her

Happiness, peace of mind

If they become one by

Marriage on earth


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