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Love and Other Oddities - a Collection of Poetry and Prose

Tim is a Christian artist, storyteller and poet. He also has a strong faith and enjoys writing articles with a strong moral value.


Love is the most misunderstood of all the emotions.
It is sometimes an oddity, a frailty but also a strength and a lifeblood. Love can give the heart so much but also demands so much from both parties in love. You cannot be in love without having the understanding it will take a lot of work but the rewards…oh the rewards are well worth the time and effort. So don‘t look done on love, embrace love.

An Oddity

Love is such an


don’t you see

cause you can be

in, so carefree

and out

but wannabe

in love

at the same time

Your Love

Be generous with all

your love

Treat others tenderly

cause they need a gentle touch

A soft voice

Not just another line

There are so many who

need your love

So give them all the

love in your timid heart

but give it freely



Love is true love


it runs slow and deep


it settles in your heart

and begins to slowly grow

True love can fight through


can lift up the weak

True love need to be let out

to be shared

not just stored inside

Love is true love


It runs slow and deep

True love makes the best


So why don’t you share your

true love with me

Love is true love


it runs slow and deep

true love is permanent

so welcome true love



The Hallway

True love is like

a long hallway

in which lies many


each one whispers,

choose me, choose me

but only one doorway

bids you to stop

Behind the doorway lies

love, true love

better than you can imagine

True love with the right


but first you must listen

to your heart

and hear the right words

calling out to you


We’ve been

so long together

your life ever tastes like mine

but as the sun of life is setting

ever our love grows


I mean I love you

In sickness and in health

till death do us part


we’ll watch over the other

our needs

and think about all the good times

as the sun goes down

The Church

I held her hand as we entered the church. The time had come to say goodbye and hello at the same time. The years passed so quickly. I tried to hold back time so each new moment would last. Sadly, I didn’t succeed. High school had led to college and college…well here we are now. The music picks up cadence as the pianists plays the familiar tune. We make our way to the front where I turn her hand over to another. A quick kiss. My time is done. My little girl found true love and is getting married


Your Love

I can’t stop thinking about love

Since I met you

I can’t stop

Thinking about love

Ooh something got a hold of me

Don’t let go

Something got a hold on me

I won’t let go

I once wandered

a dry barren land

Living the life

I’d planned

Thought I had

I had all the love

I dreamed of

Till I met you

My eyes were opened

I saw my life

for what it is

for what it is

I can’t stop thinking about love

Since I met you

I can’t stop

Thinking about love

Thought my life

truly complete

I needed nothing

more then what I had

Till I met you

My heart was opened

I saw my life

for what it is

for what it is

Truly empty


Half of what I

Was meant to be

But now

I can’t stop thinking about love

Since I met you

I can’t stop

Thinking about love

Your love

Stored in my heart


I’ve seen many

Years come

Watched as many

Floated on by

I’ve had so many


But never really

Knew them all

I’ve done many

Foolish things

And yet I


I’ve given many

Smiles away

But haven’t gotten

Many in return

Still I’m livin

The good life

And when the end

Does come

When I no longer

Wake to morning

Lost to

Well worn

One last smile will

Cross my face

As I lived and loved

Finished the race


Love Thoughts

Writing down her thoughts about their relationship wasn’t as cathartic as she’d hoped. She still sat there wondering why she fell in love with him but he’d never loved her back. It’s not like she hadn’t tried to get him to notice her if she. Flirting with him. Asking him where he liked to eat then replying, “I wouldn’t mind going there.” Still no response. What did she need to do carry a sign which said, “Ask me out you fool.”

“How are you doing today Delores?”

Oh shoot, did he see me writing about him? “I’m doing fine Bob, how are you?”

“Ok see you at the office.”

“Ok enjoy your coffee.” Time for me to figure out a new plan.

Me and Her

Me and her

her and me

We’ve been together

Since nineteen eighty three

me and her

her and me

Spent many days

living, loving

moving on through

our disparity

sometimes worrying

but never caring

how others saw us

Now we spend our

last years of life


a love just right

Me and her

her and me

Friendly Ways

What I know of

friendly ways

I’ve learned from watching

my mother

going about her days

making others feel so


I’ll show you a friendly

heart now

not a secret place


my heart opened free

Releases my love which

forever grows

to be given away

A love

we may even one day

release together

© 2022 Timothy Whitt