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Love And Not Lose

Be Adored Not Ignored

Be Adored Not Ignored

Be Adored Not Ignored

Love And Not Lose

Don't treat it as own,

To yourself you will become unknown.

Don't make it so much important,

From yourself you will get distant.

Yourself you will lose.

Soon feel like a recluse.

When that important will leave,

Something is wrong with you, you will believe.

There is some blemish.

You will be languished.

At yourself you will scream.

Deprived would get your self esteem.

You will isolate.

Yourself you will hate.

Do not give it a value that is galore.

Yourself you will ignore.

When it will go far,

You will get filled with scars.

You will make yourself the cause.

You will assume yourself to be full of flaws.

To yourself you will be averse.

And make your life a curse.

To it do not get too attached.

That from yourself you get snatched.

Your shadow you won't recognise,

Your identity and faith dies.

You become an individual without a name.

You walk the journey without an aim.

In it do not get too lost, you will get lost.

You would bear a huge cost.

It would be arduous to get back yourself again.

To identify the mirror would be in vain.

You are too precious,

So take care of yourself and do not be a callous.

Don't make your mirror an alien.

Don't be an oblivion.

The trust lost would not be found.

It would get difficult to rebound.

Yourself you won't identify,

On others opinions you will rely


Shalini Jadhvani (author) from India on December 02, 2019:

Thank you so much for your motivating and kind words. It means a lot. Best wishes.

Hillary on December 02, 2019:

Wow! What a strong message. Your words are Saul healing. Congratulations!

Shalini Jadhvani (author) from India on December 01, 2019:

Thank you so much Lorna! I am glad that you enjoyed reading my poem. Thank you once again, for your encouraging words. Best of luck to you always.

Lorna Lamon on December 01, 2019:

I enjoyed the spirit of the very uplifting poem full of truth and hope.

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