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Love (1)

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Introductory Words

Seeing some things in the neighborhood this has gingered my heart to write some things down on love. It is my earnest wish that lovers of poetry and poems globally find this work useful to them.

Thank you.

Love is what keeps the world going,

Though there are hatreds

Hate speeches here and there

Yet the world is still in existence because of love

Love of God, the Creator,

For the world

Is still there,

Therefore he has not consumed

The world in his wrath

Peoples love for one another

Keep the world up and running

Against all odds

Assuming there is no iota of love

Among inhabitants of the world

The world would have long been gone

The iota of love among peoples

Of the world as minute as it is

Has overwhelmed the hatreds

And hate speeches

Expressed by peoples of the world


Those who express hatreds

Those who utter hate speeches

Also have people who love them

Even as they are

And in what they are doing

Therefore, annihilation becomes difficult

Those who express genuine love

One for another

Yea for their neighbors

Are still being hated and being loved

Thence, making annihilation impossible

As this cyclic circle continues

It becomes certain that the world

Will continue to be in existence

The onus therefore is on

Every inhabitants of the world

To love one another

Purifying our hearts off hatreds

And hate speeches

To make the world a home of Peace...


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