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Lousy Tenant


I have this lousy tenant, who doesn’t pay his rent.

He lives alone inside my head for free.

I tried for an eviction, but all avenues were spent.

then I found he was this other part of me.

He tells me I am useless, worthless, nothing but a punk.

Always finding someone else to blame.

The only thing I’m good at, is going out and getting drunk

And that my life will always be the same.

He’s the power of my addiction, controller of my mind.

He never wants to give a moments rest.

The cravings, the urges, that are my daily grind.

That keep me trapped inside this hornets’ nest.

I’ve found the motivation, to help me make the climb.

The eviction now is going to go ahead.

I know it will be hard, and going to take some time.

But I will finally get this tenant out my head.

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