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A prolific writer inspired by environment and insights. He writes poems and essays and articles.


The nostrils have no choice of its own

The essence of a silent dawn

Inside the awoken a garden has grown

My optimist sight flew with a flock of swan

The scent of innocence in the drizzling rain

Or when our eyes met the first time

All atrocities have been slain

The forest rain found its rhyme

Have you come with the morning dews?

Or was it tear drops on my eyelashes

I thought I smelt the skin of blooming rose anew

Recently all my senses clashes

I cherish the confusing tastes smell and sight

Or the numbness my bones felt when you left

Has time made anything right?

With time widened the bleeding cleft

But yet I know the stars will rise

Only a single sun has so much to hide

Lights often obscures entice

In the name of love I have lost all pride

© 2021 Muhammad Mizanur Shuvra

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