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Lost in You...a Vampire Poem



Why is it danger that I see deep in your eyes

What terrible truth do you cover with your lies?

Your words soft and seductive as we dance

Spinning in your arms, I am lost in you, entranced


What is this strange power you have over me?

This passion so blinding, I can barely see

About you I know nothing at all

Yet I cannot resist your seductive call


Still this magical night holds a danger untold

As I succumb to your kisses hot and bold

As the moon glows softly in the night

It is into my soul you gently bite



Lost in ecstasy, lost in dream

It’s only the heights of pleasure that make me scream

As nights of blood and passion fill my head

Each morning when I wake alone in my bed


Rumpled sheets and virtue gone

I can’t help but hate the dawn

Lost and empty throughout the day

Not knowing what keeps you away


Love or curse, fear and attraction

Totally lost in your overwhelming seduction

I yearn for the return of the night

When you will hold me again so tight


Tell me my love what secrets you hold

And why your eyes seem so old

Show me where it is you go

Everything about you I want to know


Yet when at last you appear

Your voice is the only thing I hear

In your arms I lose all control

Your ancient blood replacing my soul


The moon glows softly as we dance

Moving as one, lost in trance

Eternity to live our life

With me as your dark vampire wife



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