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Lost in fools love

We all grew up with some idea about how our lives would be. What happens when it does not turn out the way you planned?


lost in love

searching for a way out

How can I find the direction when your face is burned in the back of my eyes?

so I sleep, praying for peace

only to find the pain that was once my love for you

blown away like so many ashes

a fool for love

that is my life

loving men who lose sense of time while my legs are wrapped around their bodies like a glove

waist to waist

moaning, screaming your name

my soul pleading for you to love me

love me

love me



like the moon loves the stars

like the sun cherishes the sky

like the clouds need innocent eyes

I need you

like the grass needs rain

to survive

instead I wither away and die

so apparently, I am a fool

a fool for loving you

your kisses across my neck

down my spine

across my thighs

your hands dancing at the small of my back

a fool for missing you

midnight conversations about life, love, day and night

the importance of fears and how to overcome them

Romanized by life, the injustice of your leaving

obscure feelings leaving me lost in the wilderness

manifesting day dreams of forever in my minds third eye

always hoping you will see the truth of never letting go

finally accepting that I am never going to be accepted

you will never love

love me

love me




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