Lost in Emotional Cinematic Translation

Updated on April 26, 2020
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Even though this knowledgeable creature had some answers

They weren't always as clear cut as they appeared to be

Logical concepts of course were solvable with facts and figures

It was the sentimental ones that weren't so neat and tidy

Came to the realization that this former know it all

Doesn't have a clue when it comes to matters of the heart

Thought that there was a brief moment of grasping concept

Operated on intuition and complete transparency

Well, a polite version of not always opening mouth at worst times

Even though timing was never a strong suit of this player

Questioning my own instinct by holding the door open

For the wolf in sheep's clothing to come in and pillage at will

Didn't actually steal money or the television set

Their crime was more of the sentimental persuasion

Allowing the Kevlar and barb wire to be put into storage

In order to be allowed access into the heart of the hostess

Okay, they were no saint either, but their missteps were minor

Not knowing the score in the long held battle of the sexes

What wounds to inflict on their weakest spots with the gravest effect

Due to recent events, locked in an isolated war room to reflect

On failed strategies of where they went wrong in the war

When they held back, instead of leading a full frontal attack

Was a lot kinder to their former ally now strongest opponent

Allowed the Trojan horse to be brought in and destroy from the inside

Wondered if it was possible to erase the internal battle scars completely

Wash them away in order to seek new adventures for a brighter future

Unlikely to do so entirely; will always be on the lookout for the betrayal

Waiting for the imaginary knife to come out of nowhere to cause damage

Fed up with living life trapped in a backroom instead of living it

Afraid of being lied to and manipulated by people who would never do it

Uncertain now of the concept because of one rotten apple in the basket

Dressed in the casual charm of a decent individual who cared enough

To look out for your best interests as they promised to do so honestly

Just a front to get what they wanted with a smile on their face

Don't be under the false assumption that they were truly missed

Repeated looking backward instead of forward mostly due to recent events

Most reminiscences now came from a distant mental movie reel

As if you were just a character, or a facsimile, in your past

Certain moments reflected on due to a song or television program

Thinking about the occasional private moment when you're lonely

Would slam the door in their face if they dared to show on your doorstep

Waiting for the dust to settle in certain world events before slamming

That door completely shut for good; under lock and key.

Ready to step inside a new door and lock the old one for good.
Ready to step inside a new door and lock the old one for good.


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