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Lost in Elemental Space: A Duckling Gambler's Journey

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Never felt so exhilarated and terrified at the same time

Exposed to the harshest winds and Siberian elements

Left dumbstruck Center Stage at Radio City Music Hall

Flanked by all The Rockettes from every angle

As they danced their way around the frightened doe

Caught in the brightest spotlight searing an unnerving hole

Into their softened flesh as if they were a piece of useless meat

Wondered when the terror would fade into the background music

And the Patron flavored liquid courage would present itself

Sadly, that hasn't arrived into the foreground

Knees quaking endlessly to the point where standing difficult

Heart ready to do somersaults as we speak

Impossible to peel back the layers of this human onion

Without shedding a few easy or harsh salty tears

Depending on the particular circumstance

Hard to be so laid bare for all the world to see

Especially, for those in the most private of backstage quarters

Heartfelt words getting muddled in life's quicksand

Stomach becoming a metaphorical and actual noose

In the body, mind and soul of this petrified creature

Able to quickly shake some platitudes loose from its grip

Unsure of how well it went at the moment

Lost in uncomfortable and foreign territory

Without shoes and a proper passport to get back home

A stranger in an even more alien land

Being the odd little duck without a pond to swim in

For the moment, trying a new approach

Too early to tell if that will work

If not, have survived much worse odds

Will continue to do so.

The ideal spot for a stray duckling with an entourage to boot.

The ideal spot for a stray duckling with an entourage to boot.

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