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Lost Words and Seized Heart


I tried to pick my words

From the golden ray shimmer

To write a song

So it can be the music to your ear

And the twinkle of your eye

I tried to write about love and spring

And not about blister and ache thing

I struggled to pick out title “As Perfect as Sky”

And not the “Fading sunshine and Never-ending Cry”

I tried to fill the pages with smiles

And not the hurtful lies

I attempted to rhyme your feelings

With mine

So that you can end your wandering

And set down the roots

I want you to read it

So it can make your soul feel lighter

I tried to include all the adoring metaphors

So I can see your pretty and sparkly eyes

While reading them

I wanted to write about each fragments

Of joyous memories

So I tried to summoned the smell of ocean air

In every pages

To refill your life by the scent of potion

I tried to choose my words wisely


They are lost

I wonder how to write about love

Without considering hate

How to write about peace

Without looking at what war is?

How to write about a heart

That’s never bent on revenge

It is hard to write about those treasures

That can’t be seen

Now can you tell me

How’s it feel to have your heart seized?

And how the pain feels like?

So I can infill all the lost pages

With love

that world never knows

And so we all can hear our heart beatings

Through the song

“As perfect as sky”

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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