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Lost Prince

A lecturer by profession and a poem writer at heart. I started writing since high school. Now, some of them turned into a beautiful songs.

No need to have a castle, accompanied by warriors and ride in horses. Be sincere and it's enough.


I wanted to find what seems to be lost...

I thought it will be an endless night
Everything is out of sight
Using my hands left ang right
I can see yet I'm blind

The moon began to glimmer
It is neither white or yellow
But as the ocean bound to shimmer
In the depth of your eyes that seems shallow

I am hurt and unwell
Cannot see the part that swells
Let my past become my cell
The pain is burning me as hell

Shattered and wounded
Will somebody loves me like I never did
I have nothing to offer in my hand
Will somebody caresses me like a kid

I have no castle, servants, and pennies
But dreaming to be a princess
You might have no castle, warriors and horses
With a sincere heart, be my prince

© 2020 Bellie Grace Gomez

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