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Lost! (poem)

I am who I am. I write poetry and paint really badly. Please be patient.

Memories betray once perfect minds.

Thoughts of forgotten lives

Lost words haunt my bed,

Under the blanket of night.

Memories flicker like distant stars,

You can see them, yet they are

Undistinguishable from one another,

Only unchanging positions.

Other memories remain

Stubborn stains, hard to remove

Impossible to erase

As they are out in the open.

Forgetting is at times simpler,

Yet in the end, it’s just a shield,

Pain to remain bottled,

Releasing it may cause harm,

Keeping it devours you from within

Like a flesh eating worm.

There is not escape

From these memories

They are all around me!

© 2019 Wendy Engela

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