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Lost Her Job During the Pandemic #2

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It was from the nearby island that she escapes to another island because the people of the

Island told her that her life is not safe where she is and should move far away from her island

She took a night bus to the center of the republic where she starts living. On getting to the

Center of the republic where there are different companies she was lucky to get a job with

One of the foreign companies where she was working as casual staff in the canteen of the

Company. There she meets with a young man who works at the store department. She was

Attracted to the young man and soon they started seeing each other. However, before she

Becomes a member of the company the young man and a lady in the company were very

Close, they hardly keeps secret from each other. Their relationship was considered unique,

But at that they were not dating because the young man knows the fiancé of the lady

Before he travels out of the republic. This was not open to this lady and she thought because

Of their closeness something is in between them they have been seeing each other for if

They are not romantically involved with each other there is no way they could be that

Close she reasoned. Because of this mindset, she starts to misbehave to the young man and

Would soon severe her relationship with the young man. Since the young man knows there

Is nothing between them he starts to seek for another lady. It was not very long when

Another lady gets employed by the management, again the lady was working at the canteen

Of the company. She also started as a casual worker with the canteen. The young man was

Michael Bolton - When a Man Loves a Woman

Not really thinking about having an affair with the lady, but the lady on seeing him likes

Everything about the young man and says to herself that she will get closer to the young man

She gets closer to him and they started calling themselves and seeing each other after the

Working hours. Initially it begins on a friendship note with nothing involved until one

Day that they discussed at length and then she knows that the young man was also single then

She told him that she had thought he is engaged with the lady he used to see him with and

He explains to her that there is no love relationship among them, though they are close

Because it was through her that he secures the job into the company and on a second note

He knows quite well her spouse before he travels out of the republic. On getting this

She will tell him that many a one had thought they were in love and he says that is what

Many people believed and though he has explained to them, yet they will not believe what he

Is saying and since they have decided to believe what is their heart, and he cannot lie to

Himself he has left them to believe whatever they liked. From that discussion the

Relationship between the lady and the guy changes and now it becomes very close such

That the young man calls her to know what is in her heart concerning their movements

The young lady would not hide herself from him as she told him that she wants them

To be romantically involved then he replied that he is grateful that she can come out

Straight for if it be some other people they will still be perambulating. That was how they

Started seeing each other. The lady who has been a casual worker before through the

Young man she was fully employed by the management, in the meanwhile the lady he was

Seeing before was lay off the company when the management wants to prune her work force

For according to the management, there is pandemic in the world, almost all the

Businesses are collapsing we want to try our best to maintain the company for now before

We think of other things. After being laid off, then she discovered her folly for she should

Have believed him when he told him there is nothing in between them. she regretted her

Action but it was too late to cry when the head is off.


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