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Lost Her Job During the Pandemic #1

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She has recently moved to the island because of the communal clash that broke

Out in her island in which many people have lost their lives, it was by sheer luck that

She has not been killed too because all members of her family had been wiped off by

The enemies, and many of her friends have been killed too. She has been saved because

When the enemies were coming to attack her father’s compound she has gone to the nearby

Bush to defecate. Open defecation is still common in their island although the world

Health Organization has sent messages to different countries of the world of the need for

Each house to have its own toilet and should stop open defecation because of epidemics, but

The poverty in the island is high, in fact most of the times the people living in the island

Used to think they are living in another planet because the government of the republic does

Not cater for them, no social amenities have gotten to the island, and the little things that

People were seeing in the island were essentially done by the communal efforts of the people

Of the island who essentially are farmers. The communal clash that broke out in the island

Was based on the kingship tussle in the island. Two families have right to becoming king in

The island according to the history of the founding fathers. However a family has dominated

The kingship position for the past century and the other family has sent strong warning to

The people of the island that when the king who was on throne dies it is their turn that they

Shall not agree that the family continues to reign again, they should stop cheating them.

Many people who are students of history of the island have supported this, but the family

Who has been reigning did not support this. Therefore, there has been underground moves

For several years by different people in the island that when the king dies there is likely to

Be problems and those who are afraid have been afraid to relocate from the island because

It was obvious that problem is looming. People who are afraid have relocated and some who

Do not relocate have made their farmlands their second home. When people started to hear

Frankie Miller - Jealousy

About the sickness of the king, and that the sickness is getting severe, sickness of old age

Old people who cannot relocate from the island have sent their children to move to another

Island for it is a bad thing for parents to see their children die before their very eyes. The king

Sickness continues and he would not come off the sick bed as he dies. After his death and

Burial according to the custom of the island, the people from the second royal house gathered

Together to meet with the kingmakers that they should consider what they have said but

The King makers have been bribed by the people from the house of the family where the

King died and they started favoring them. they equally went to the island to bribe some

People to their side claiming that the house that is demanding that one of them be crowned

The King have lost their chance when their fathers decided to forgo the seat for their fore

Fathers when it was their turn and now, their turn has lapsed, it has been used up by the king

Who died, it is now their original turn. They presented their arguments so convincingly that

Many people within the island fell for the lies. However the people demanding for their

Rights would not agree with this, claiming that if their fathers have made mistake they are

Alive now to correct the mistake. The issue degenerated into serious fighting in which

All the houses and compounds in the island were touched because they know who is

Loyal to who, and they are having reprisal attacks on each other. In this web was the

Family caught up in and were attacked by the faction that the father did not support.

While the attack was on, she was in the bush defecating and that was what saved

Her. It was from there that she started fleeing until she gets to the boundary, and from there

She finds her level to another island nearby.


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