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Lost Her Humanity

Kaye is a freelance writer and a digital content producer. She revels in expressing herself through scribbling poems, and narratives.

I choose you, but your constant choice is another.

Time had stopped

And all I knew

Is that the entire thing

Will be of ache and hurting.

My eyes met the blurry,

Dim vision yet was true

Till tears welled up.

Then my sight was slurry

But I still can see through

How your smiles were so bright,

Like you felt responsible to relive

This world’s stolen happiness.

There came the deafening silence,

But I still can hear you

As your voices took flight

While mine got slowly bereaved

And my breakdown went ceaseless.

I winced in pain

And everything I felt

Was so real—

How my chest was too tight

It seemed to explode,

And my eyes,

Worn-out of tears.

I took you by the hand

And I touched hers,

I looked you in the eye

And I saw hers.

Where am I?

Whisper in my head.

There was no answer.

Just an image of you and me,

Slowly fading away,

Part by part turning into grains,

Little objects I can never anymore grasp

Sands of time I can never ever piece back.

Yes, my heart strongly desired,

But too bad, fate doesn’t care

About the petty stare

What it wants, it does

Apathetic to the pain it may bring.

I was on my knees,

As my world stopped

I was on my knees

When my eyes shut—

But did not see black.

You know what I saw?

I saw how your lips

Perfectly placed on hers

I saw how your hands

Impeccably fitted on hers

I saw how your eyes

Passionately searched for hers.

And what I saw that you didn’t:

Was me who lost her meaning

Lost her humanity

Lost her sanity

Lost her love.

I was shattered

Into countless pieces,

With no one

To collect them.

And this—

This is where we ended.

© 2017 Kaye Aranda