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Lost Glory

A Football Trophy

A Football Trophy

They ruled the city

Those days they were the best

Everyone behind them

They gave hope to everyone

No one wanted to be their opponent

Because they could butcher you

They were merciless

They had the best attack

They had the best man on their guide

They made ice melt

Whenever they were in action

They valued their reputation

They had the best defense

The best shot stoppers

Everyone is dying to see that glory again

But by the look of things

There is zero hope

They ruled the whole city

They were called heroes

The have won in eights

They have won trophies

Too many to write about them today

But everything changed

Was it because of change?

But they say it is inevitable

I think everything changed

From tactics

To style of play

They no longer shine

Their glory lost

Everyone ashamed of supporting them

They have the worst shot stopper

The worst defense

The worst boss

But pretty good manager

Suppressed by the rank

Little space to operate on

No choice but try

It’s evident that it is not easier

Trying to put things together

See if they gonna work

They have the worst start

But they don’t have any control

Loosing is the only option

Always asking for more games

But produce few goals

This is different from different past

They lose in high five

Not once or twice

Will they improve?

No signs

Money is valueless to them

They have it but can’t use it

What a shame

They have lost their glory

And no way to reclaim it

Lost glory, lost glory

© 2020 Ian Muiruri

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