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Lost From Reality

Lost From Reality

Man are blinded by the glitter of their creations,
made deaf by the words you need it,
made weak by its constant use,
and are drunkards by their want for more.

Man create to appeal to the lust of the eye
thinking not of the long-range effects,
caring only that they must have it,
and to get it will make themselves slaves.

Man will advertise it to provoke a need,
give value to it where there is none,
they make it of such great social importance
they often feel belittled when they have it not.

Man are encouraged to use it everyday
though for centuries they have had it not,
yet it makes easy something they always do
while weakening their natural abilities to do it.

Because it appeals to man's lusting eye,
has been valued for social dignity,
makes easy something they have always done
they will put true needs aside only to get it.

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