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Lost Clown: A Poem with a Commentary about the Mind of a Clown

Paul is an Engineer. A graduate from a Catholic University. A rebel and a romantic...


Lost Clown

All the curtains had come down
The circus had left the town
Back are the days when we frown
Farewell to the happy clown.

Cotton candies are now stones
The ice creams had left their cones
Glitters scattered on the floor
Laughter…giggles…heard no more.

See you someday happy clown
Here’s the rainbow colored crown
I hope and pray you don’t drown.
Farewell to you happy clown.

The song Send in the Clowns

A commentary about clowns

A clown is a comic performer who usually does slapstick to entertain a crowd. Clowns are often hired during children's party to provide comic relief. They wear colorful costumes, wears the iconic white make up with painted smile, usually mimes, and some do magic tricks.

Ronald Mc Donald is a popular clown. But recently, clowns made mark as film antagonists thanks to the recent blockbuster movie "It" and the stellar performance of Heath Ledger (RIP) as the Joker in a Batman movie. Adding to the fear of clowns are the clown scare pranks which went viral on line. Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns.

From being part of a happy childhood memory to a metaphor for evil, clowns can also be a symbol of mental health. Imagine wearing a mask just to entertain people? I have always wondered how clowns feel when the party is over, the applause is gone,the make-ups removed, and they are all alone? Is it just purely business for a clown or do they remain hungry for laughter or applause?

Many people spent so many years being a "Clown". They do things to please the people around them. They live for the applause. So when they are finally kicked out of the circus, they don't know anymore how to be a man without a mask.

© 2018 Paul Balagtas

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