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Lost, Alone, and Broken

Bachelors Degree in Organizational Behavioral Psychology with a background in Autism, Mental Health, Business Psychology. Sales Management.

By: Abigayle Korinne (2019)

By: Abigayle Korinne (2019)

Eddy Now My Angel Sees Me A666: Little Jacob still my angel

Lost and Alone, with a broken heart

Terrified, Uncertain, xactly where do i start.

Lost and hiding, shatter and scattered,

along the way

Perfect it's visual, glass shimmer broke

Easy pretty reason NOT to stay.

Logic and realism, stand or up with down, this maze of words circle wind,

Cross is fermenting, irrational love ❤️ between heart ur brain, Russian hair is so deep dark.

I have given up on my fair Lord, up above,

You challenge me, did you stop your song

My life's about toreaxh peace darkness, my heart is bearing I hear my eddy his voices ahead.

I want to stay Edward, I can't deal the devil a hand

Whenever it's gangs bullets and cars,

Eddy stands there, that mystcal abyss,

He is more than a christoper saint kr boss

Lucifer come waste my evil to pray,

Depression waved to grief, stirring myself into a mysrical healing water, obsession bring me truth.

Ask; inner voice, eddy tell chad I need 2 6 3.

Six refused ..stepped to the mic...I want at close song you mic drop truth I found all wicked on

Eye's are empty, a vast tunnel to vacant space.

A soul dead and buried;

Life left for death which cannot I embrace.

© 2011 Abby Rourk

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