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Losing A Dear One

I'm a mathematician and have taught mathematics and related courses for over 3 years. Still working on myself. Still I rise

Losing a dear one is tragic

No one wants to think of it

No one dreams of it

No one wants to hear of it

And when we do

We try to forbid it

But it’s inevitable

We are born into this world

We are born into a family

We are born into a hood

We are born into the streets

Some with silver spoons

Some with copper spoons

Some with no spoon

We make friends

We make foes

We make allies

We make enemies

If only we would accept that

Someday we will lose these

Then we would truly appreciate them

Nothing lasts forever

Even the air we breath is borrowed

When we lose a dear one

We feel like the world’s crumbling on us

With sadness in our eyes

With sorrows in our hearts

We wish them back

But never get a second chance

To tell them what we wanted to

To hug them again

To hold their hands

To be nice to them

To even say goodbye

Such is life

But life goes on

It’s hard to bear

When we lose a dear one

When we lose someone we look up to

When we lose someone we look after

We’re broken and wonder why

Losing a dear one is never part of the plan.

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