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Losing Myself


There was once a time, I thought I've finally learned to love myself

But what I thought was wrong,

I am only loving a part of my being

It was magical. As if I am becoming happier

I thought I am happy, but I'm not

And it's not because I lost another person

or even miss another person

I am not happy because, I felt like I lost a part of me,

a part of who I am that has lost its way of coming back to light,

hidden in the total darkness, alone and sad

I miss that part of me and that's why I am not happy as I thought I am

They say you could be happy with just yourself.

What if you've lost yourself?

How can you be happy?

Never. You cannot be happy if you won't find yourself.

And that's a quest I am yet to make, a long journey I must take

in order to find happiness and joy again

I know it's gonna take time,

but if it means I can be genuinely happy again, I'd risk what I have

I'd fly for as far as I can and go to places I wish to be at

I'll spend time with myself, the people I care about and those people who allows me to be who I want to be


I'll do whatever it takes to find myself again, and I'll do what it takes to grow into the person I want to be - better and and smarter

I'll fall and continue to rise so I can reach that person as I aspire to be,

for that person I see myself as truly happy and content

I'll run or walk miles if I must, and

I'll shed tears and will wipe it all away for us long as it is worth my dreams

To the person who is reading this:

You might be lost like I am, bust just believe that you will also find the right way, the way you rightfully belong and the place where you really wanna be. You'll sometimes feel discouraged because it might seem that the way to finding yourself again and that happiness you are aiming for is unknown and uncertain. You'll sometimes feel afraid of not finding yourself again and might end up somewhere you really don't think you would belong.

But my friend, be strong and patient. We will get through all the obstacles that may come our way or whatever life may throw at us and may hinder us from becoming who we want to be or where we want to be.

Life sure is difficult and it might seem like life has never-ending endeavors and challenges for us, but trust, it will become part of what makes us better and what makes us who we want to be in the future we are all looking forward to.


Life will always show us both the worst and the best of things, not to impair us or our dreams, but to make us better and stronger than we could ever. Life teaches us the way to becoming truly ourselves and find that happiness we know we really deserve to have.

It is okay to be afraid and discouraged, but don't succumb. Your battle will not end if you give up trying, or if you'll give up hoping and believing that you will someday find yourself again.

We won't be fighting the same battles, but all of our battles are worth fighting for if it means we'll get that one thing we have long been hoping to come. My battle is worth fighting because it will help me find myself again, and find the happiness that I wish to have and share with people I love and care about. Even though it may take some time, longer than we would even expect, just go on and I'll go on. I'll move forward to achieve that kind of happiness I aspire to have because if I will not continue this journey, when will I truly become happy or become true to myself?

I hope that you'll continue yours as well, whatever dream or aspirations you have, please continue believing and hoping you can and will achieve that dreams of yours.



"Don't succumb. Continue finding yourself and the happiness that you truly deserve."

© 2021 Dens Yang

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