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Lord, My Savior


I wanna write a poetry of You and me,
Put into words the love You gave unconditionally.
Of all the pain my heart currently bear,
You're the one Whom i can always share.

Every night, i cried it out,
Holding my sobs though i wanna shout.
Then i whisper all the pain i feel inside,
Because i know You're by my side.

I've been in hell for so long,
Feeling like my life's all so wrong.
One night i realized i wasn't really alone,
With those battle i fought, You're with me all along.

I was too broken to see,
That You were always there with me.
When my tears fell, You wiped it away,
With the promise that You're there to stay.

The pain numb my heart and mind,
I almost forgot how to be kind.
I drowned from the tears i cried,
Letting myself to be taken by pride.

I forgot to call unto You,
Put myself in darkness and misery too.
The suffering i have right now,
I put it into my life somehow.

Lord, now I'm calling You with all my heart,
To You, I don't wanna part.
I know I don't deserve Your love and mercy,
For i am a sinner and a soul that's empty.

I'm not asking for my pain to vanish,
I just want You to teach me that life is to cherish.
I'm not asking to be all better tomorrow,
I'm just begging for courage to bear the sorrow.

Lord, I'm willing to take it one step at a time,
I know from time to time, I won't be fine.
But please Lord, be with me in every step,
Because when i find the rainbow, its Your embrace that I'll take.