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Loose Everything When You're Mentally Ill

Emotions can't be tamed
Short tempered
Everything possible irritating every part of you
Some days it's happy
Some days it's anger
Some days it's mixed up
Tryna protect your everything
At the same time pushing away
Pushing everything and everyone away
Protecting leads to making split second decisions
Tryna find someway to explain your actions
But can't explain who you are
Feeling stuck while you're trying to progress
Sometimes can't focus
When you truly focus
Mental illness says "No"
You start to spiral
Start to be placed back at step 1
How can you defeat and not listen to something that's you
You push and push
"Silence it"
Doesn't work
You loose everything when you're mentally ill
No it don't be your intentions
Even when you make it clear
Clear in some way
People still assume that it is
That that's what you wanted or want
You get left like that
Talked about
Left behind
No anybody
Just alone
In due time you think you're getting better
As time go on you're only getting worse
Can't keep nothing by your side
The stuff you created to cope or to focus on
Get thrown away
You don't feel like doing it
Now those are a part of the irritating factor
Can be changed
Not everyone can change what's a part of them
Block it out
Not focus on it
I'm 50 myself and 50 mentally ill
For me it's 25 myself 75 mentally ill
It wins everytime
I don't know
Loose Everything When You're Mentally Ill

© 2021 Chelsea Charlotten

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