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Looking In Your eyes

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Looking into your eyes

I see all of the emotions

that are reflected there.

I see the love and the

pain that is hidden in

the shadows of the

your past and burdening

your present because

you cannot let it go.

Looking in your eyes

I see everything that

you would rather keep

hidden, all of the hope

and love that you

wish to share, but

hide away instead.

Looking into your eyes

I see the devastation

that you know you

cannot cause so instead

you stay silent so

as not to hurt

the one you care

about the most.

Having the hearts of

two in the palm of

your hand and not

knowing what to do

with them, so instead

you try to shelter

them both so as

not to hurt them.

Placing them both

in your pocket and

hiding them both

from the pain of

knowing what is

and what will never be.

Knowing that it is

not something that

will be faced easily.

Looking into your eyes

I see all the emotions

that should be, but

shall never happen.


© 2020 Emily

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