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Looking for the Right Man the Wrong Way #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Have talked to them when the people

Confronted them and gave him the assignment

They should go to the length and breadth of the

Island, the nooks and crannies of the island

To fish out those blind people that the

Gods are seeing which they are not seeing and

Enthrone one of them as the leader

The key to the island’s success is said

To be with them. Enough of suffering

And lagging behind among the communities

Of islands globally, they said to the

Representatives of the crowd. As they

Leave the place and combed the towns

Hiding places, the wilderness were touched

But there was no blind people found

Not even someone whose vision is blurred

When those people returned they told them

That they can see what they have been

Passing through for about thirteen months

Now, no progress as the diviners insisted

That it is “all or none effect”. It is either

We get a blind person or risks the island

Being destroyed and becoming a once upon

Time in the history of man.

They couldn’t think of any other thing

Other than returning to the diviner

To brief him of their findings and what

They could do next. They arose to go

To the diviner and on getting there

They told him that they are back

And the reply is yet negative. The

Diviner told them that they have

Failed to ask the gods more about the

Kind of blind person they were talking about

And that is why they have been unable to find

The chosen one to occupy the oval seat.

They apologized to the man and

Implored him to tell them what they

Need do to find this blind people residing

Within the island to make one a leader

Among them because the island

Is barely functional now for about

Fifteen months things have been like

This and the populace are threatening to

Stone us to death because of the hardships

They are passing through thinking we are

Immune against those hardships, but we

Have children, wives, husbands siblings

Among them, not to state that our

Businesses also are nosediving by the second

We need the person to be on seat quickly

To save our land from going into extinction

Like other islands have been. Far be that

From happening in the land, the diviner

States as he said the blind people that

The gods are talking about are not those

Who are physically blind but the gods

Are talking about naïve person, someone

Who is inexperienced in leadership, someone

Without exposure, someone whose social life


Is zero. This is the person the gods are

Talking about and that is why the gods have

Said that there are many of them within the

Islands or is that not true?

They looked at one another’s faces

And see how stupid they have been. Of a

Truth an inexperienced person in certain things

Is a blind person. Why haven’t we thought along

This line before? They asked themselves

As the diviner continues if the person be

Enthroned today, you will exalt the name of

The gods for leading us aright on this matter.

Their spokesperson says, no wonder the

Gods say they are many among us. They

Thanked the diviner for being there for them

Always and left his place.

They set the ball rolling immediately

And gathered twelve of those people who

The people could attest to that they are

Level headed, naïve in all facets

It is only one they need to occupy the

Oval seat, they set tests for them and

One emerged victorious among them. The

Person who emerged victorious was the one

This chosen one was loved and admired

By many people in the island commenting

The elders saying, they have waited long for

This and they have not chosen wrongly

They have done a yeoman’s job and gods

Forsooth have directed well for the chosen person

Would really move the island forward because

He has listening ears, thoughtful and his

Thoughts since his childhood days have been

Centered on the island’s development. He cannot

Say two words without talking about the island.

The attributes have been in him since, the case

Of the island has eaten him up. When the

Righteous gets to position of authority the people

Rejoice, there was great joy in the land on the

Day of his coronation, all local and international

Joints were filled with people celebrating

His enthronement. During his acceptance speech

He thanked all and sundry beseeching them to work

With him and other leaderships of the land so that

The island be taken to an enviable position among

The neighboring islands yea in the world. it is not

Enough to have good mind for an island because that

Wont work if people do not back the leaderships up

But when we receive enough backing, be assured

That it would be a smooth ride for us all. The people

Who are gathered at their social media: television, Radio

Listening to his speech jumped up for joy after his speech

All over the globe where they are gathered. Having

Gotten to the end of finding the right person to occupy

The oval seat, the leaderships take leave to go and

Rest in their respective houses. “It has been a long session” their spokesperson says.