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Looking for the Right Man the Wrong Way #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


They equally send emissaries out

To the major islands where they

Knew the children of the islands have

Migrated to, to know if there is something

Like that there, or maybe anyone

Among them too on getting to the

New island where they have migrated

To have gone blind.

In the meanwhile there are

Some major decisions to be taken

About the economy of the island

And other things which the culture

Of the island forbids the

Representatives to take. Such decision

Can only be taken by the enthroned

Leader, for if representatives take it

And the new leader emerges he

Would upturn the decision and

May set the island back to its

Basis. Thus, they refrained themselves

From taken such decision. But

Because of the loads on the heads

Of the inhabitants of the land, they

Have started to be complaining that

Head is paining them. There is

Nothing that they could do other

Than appealing to the consciences

Of the people living in the land

That they are also not at

Ease more than they do,

That they should know that

They are giving it all it takes

To ensure that the right person

Occupies the oval seat, for if

The wrong person occupies the oval seat,

Then things would be terrible than this

The pain on their heads, our heads

Would be multiplied. And then we shall

Seek for death than living. They told

The gathered crowd before the island’s Hall.

The spokesperson for the

People appreciated the leaderships

Of the island for answering them

For coming out to address them

For if it be leaderships from other

Islands they would not come out

To address them they would be

Sending messengers to them and

Or be using some gimmicks to

Dodge the people but having come

To address them, they are happy

And know they are working

Towards that, they encouraged the

Leaderships not to relent in their

Works and if need be to make use of

Any of them to see that things

Get resolved soon they shall be

More than willing to do that for

Them if and only if they could come


To them, because they are neither

Spirits nor gods thus, they cannot know

When they would need them

For such assistance they told the leaderships

The leaderships thank them and

Promised to always come to them

When they need their assistance for

Seeing this logjam in which they

All are in be quickly resolved.

People who have been sent to

Other islands where they know

The citizens of the island were

Living have been returning and so

Far there has been no good news from

Any of them. When the last person

Returned and it was the same story

They decide to go back to

The diviner, after all they were

The ones who said gods said they

Should be looking for the blind

If not that, they would have

Chosen one diligent, educated, socialized

Person among the citizens

Of the island to occupy the oval seat.

They told the diviner what

They have passed through over

The months in seeing that the

New leader occupies the oval seat

Of the island as soon as possible

But they were near no success

Because the only blind person

Whom they have found

Was dead. The reports of the

Findings from other islands

Where the indigenes of the island

Are scattered to, there are no

Blind ones among them, neither

Have they gone blind on getting there

Maybe due to old age nor given birth

To anyone who is blind.

Having explored all options, they

Discovered that they need to return

To the diviner maybe there is mistake

Somewhere or maybe the oracle was

Talking about the blind old man whom

They found who is dead. If the oracle

Is talking about the person then

It means that he is dead and the gods

Would give new directives.

The diviner after hearing them out

Told them that there are many blind

People among them according to

What the oracles are saying,

In fact there are many of them

Among the youths in the prime of

Their years. They have not searched

Enough the diviner said, if they

Can walk far they would see

Those blind people and would

Choose one from among them

To occupy the oval office, because

It is this blind one that must occupy the

Oval seat if they really want rapid

Advancements for the island. Diviner emphasized.

“Many blinds among us”, “we have

Not walked far”, that is why we

Have not found them, one of

Them re-echoed as they looked at

One another and rise from where

They are sited and left the house of

The diviner, deciding to make further

Push to know where those blinds are

Hiding in the island. If they are

Within our land, we shall definitely

Fish them out. We shall now

Employ the services of more people

Within the island they reasoned

Who shall comb the length and breadth

Of the town while some would go

Into the wilderness and other riverine

Areas within the island to fish

Out those people who are blind

Who have isolated themselves

And incorporated them into the midst

Of the people and of course make

One of them the leader of the island

So that the island would move ahead.

They contacted the spokesperson who


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