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Looking for the Right Man the Wrong Way #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Most of the Island’s founding

Fathers were diviners, the

Island itself was founded

Based on what the oracles told

The founding fathers and since

Then have they been passing

On the ideologies of

Contacting the diviners and

Religious leaders on what

They say unto the

Upcoming generations. One of

The key areas where they

Usually rely on divination

Before acting is when

They want to enthrone a

New leader in the land

The gods through oracles

Must speak to them

Of whom to enthrone as

Their leader in the island

About three months ago

The leader of the land

Died. After burying the

Leader and performed the

Necessary funeral rites as their

Culture demands they contacted

The diviners and priests

To know whom the gods

Want to be on the throne

The priests and diviners

Have told them that the

Person who they should

Enthrone is a blind man.

They were shocked when

They were told by the

Diviners that the person

To occupy the oval seat

Of leadership in the island

Is a blind man. When they

Are not living in the island

Of the handicaps neither has

Such happened before, because

In the history of the island

Which they are custodians of

None was in the documents

Of the books of the history

Of the land to the best of their

Knowledge. The leaders of the

Island after leaving the diviner

Place met and reasoned among

Themselves that the diviner must

Have erred along the line of

Discharging the message to them

And they cannot sit idly by

Without doing something about

What they have heard. Thus, they


Decide that before they write

The diviner’s words off completely

They need to contact other people

Who are gifted in clairvoyance

To tell them who they

Should put on the apex seat

Of leadership of the island.

Intriguingly all the people

Contacted also reply as the

Diviner in their island have

Told them that the person

The gods have sanctioned to

Be enthroned is a blind person

Having censored the opinions

Of different diviners within

And without the island and

Discovered that they all have

The same voice without seeing

Themselves neither knowing themselves

Before talking they decide to

Start looking for a blind person

In the island who shall be

Enthroned. The only blind person

They find in the land was an

Old man with infirmities, the

Person has been sick for about

Twelve months and could not

Get out of his house

Since it is the blind person the

Gods talked about they joined

The family members of the man

To be taking care of the man

To speed up his recovery

For if people could gather to

Take care of the sick person

As they have gathered to bury a

Dead man, some people who

Are dead would not die after all.

They need to protect the oval

Seat, they need to protect their island

They need to protect what their

Founding fathers have given unto

Them, it must not be destroyed on

Their heads, thus, they rallied around

The relatives and children of the

Old man whom providence have

Been sparing for them to occupy

The oval seat, at this time that

Gods want him to possess

The throne nothing must happen

To him, he must not die, they

Reasoned. But as they were

Trying to see that he recovers

His health was not improving

But rather deteriorating. They

Wondered why such could happen

They have failed to recognize

That it is sickness that can be cured

But no one can change the day

Neither the hour nor the time of death

Though, how individuals would die

Differ, but when it is time to die

None can alter the sequence of it.

Months after given in their bests

The man eventually gave up

The ghost. The leaderships and the

Custodians of the laws and culture

Of the land become devastated

By the man’s death. How can

The person whom the gods have

Chosen to occupy the oval seat

Die? Such has never been heard

In the history of the island.

Something must be missing somewhere

They reasoned. Maybe he was not

The blind person being referred to

But they have not seen any

Blind person around the island

Lately, or would it be that one of

The islands children who have migrated

To another island have given birth

To a blind son who should occupy

The oval seat? They agreed to this

And thence started making inquiries

Into the islands children who

Are living in another island maybe

They would hear of anyone among

Them who have given birth to a blind person.


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