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Looking at the Waves

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Looking out at the waves

reflecting on all that has

happened to change their

lives in such a short time.

Watching the water crash

against the shore and

imagining what life could

be like if only they could

stay like this forever.

Imaging what it would be

like just to run away

from it all and forget that

the outside world even

exists as long as they

are in each other’s arms.

Knowing that their love is

a powerful gift that has

been shared with them.

Imaging what the world

has yet to reveal to them.

Reveling in the feelings

that they share in each

others presence and knowing

that their two hearts

beat only as one for eternity.

Seeing and feeling all the

emotions that are constantly

overwhelming both of their

senses as the stand together

in a love that seems almost

impossible to believe in

but knowing deep down

that it is the most real either

of them has ever experienced.

Reveling in the joy of

what they are able to

accomplish together and

knowing that even in the

bad times they will always

have each other no matter

how tough everything seems

to be for them in their lives.

They know the just being

in each other’s presence

is enough to make any

bad day so much better.

© 2020 Emily

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