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Looking Up at Heaven

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Looking up at heaven

hearing the voices that

whisper to her from above.

Seeking the guidance of

the elders that came

before her and hoping

for the peace of mind

that she just can not

seem to find anymore.

Looking up at heaven

wishing on the many

stars scattered across

the sky about her.

Looking up at heaven

trying to find her

balance knowing that

so many have already

gone before her and

knowing that they are

looking and watching

over her while she is

still on the earth.

Missing them all

wishing they were still

here on this plane

with her so that she

had someone she could

truly talk to about

the things inside of her.

Feeling left alone,

feeling abandoned,

feeling destroyed,

barely hanging on by a

single, simple thread of

light that has now disappeared.

Looking up at heaven

baring her soul to those

who went before her.

Looking up at heaven

finding the balance that

she so craves within

the stars that glitter there.

Looking up at heave

finding her guidance

within the constellations.

Mesmerized by the glow

of the moon and the

idea that everything could

just change in an instant.


© 2020 Emily

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