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Looking Up I'm Letting Go

Life is an accumulation and grasping. These distractions will carry me through to the end, what then? I'll be forced to let go.


Looking Up I'm Letting Go

I lie my head
Where my thoughts,
Smiles and tears go
Beneath a starry night
Time passes and suddenly
Blossoms are above me
And I think of You

In a different world
Skies so blue and pink and yellow
And purple, too
Winds softly blowing
Caressing and cooling me
Scattered, falling flower blossoms
Five, six, seven.....
Oh, there are many more
There's a soft bed below
Tangerines perfume the air
Bees buzz and birds sing
Whoosh.... Shush.....
Branches are swaying
And the Earth is spinning

The Serenity, alone
I think of You
And fall in love again

Time has made a new Earth now
Easy to let go when sands have
Shifted my position and
Planted me face down, drifting
Shiva takes hold of my hand
Reminding me to let go

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