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Looking The Other Way

Even when I’m absolutely sure I’m not
The battle between humility in one hand
And bravado in the other is never won
Like the light of the moon knows it must
Live with the thought that someone waits
There’s too many who can't tell the difference
When the sun decides to look the other way

I don't want to live not to make mistakes
I have to let it go, where there’s soul
Mine and yours, let’s not think so much
Able to concentrate on what we do best
What we’re known for, a living breath
No wasted time, excelling at life and love
You hear me now, do you believe what I say?

There is no peace inside without love
Saying you don’t need it is fooling yourself
I know that story, I lived it and I owned it
But it was me who never turned around
Until I heard a voice that asked me why
I would give up on what the world knows
Which is loving another is the only way

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