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Looking Straight Down The Gun Barrel

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It's Not Where I Want To Be

I don't think anyone wants to be there ever

When things go terribly wrong

A broken water sprinkler

As if that is not bad enough

Trouble with the dishwasher too

What's next the oven

Don't go there

When it rains it pours

The more I think

The more things go wrong

Now let's back up a step

All these things could be one big coincidence

What are the chances?

I know they seem unlikely

Here is proof they really do happen

I couldn't make this stuff up

Look on the bright side

You are the luckiest person I know

So use it to your advantage

Go play the lottery

Which one

Anyone you feel will bring you the most luck

Go with your gut

Now back to all the problems at hand

They will need some fixing

But think at all the times they worked just fine

How old is each one?

If you break it down

It is only pennies a day

For all that joy

Now we might have to tap into the rainy day fund

Oops It is empty

I think we tapped into it before

I also think at that time we called it the Fun Money Fund

Well, we have to think of a different plan

I know we can think of something

We always do

Remember two minds are better than one

Three minds are brilliant

Four or more minds

We are out of our mind

Take it one day at a time

One day we will look back at this time and laugh

O.k. it might not be later today or tomorrow

Not even next week

When that day comes

I am going to remind you

I will have to keep my distance

Just in case you are not over it yet

I will give you a big hug

No mask needed

Wouldn't that be great

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