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Looking Back Moving Forward

When Is Enough Good Enough

If we see our life from afar

We can see the good and the bad

Not affected by either

So we will not be biased and prejudge

We are simple viewing and reviewing

In a safe place

For change to happen

We do not only participate in the action

We create the motion

We have to follow that momentum

Consistently by resisting the old ways

Habits that are familiar

New methods feel uncomfortable and strange

As I make every attempt to act in a new more productive and positive way

Creating a better life than I have had in the past

Learning from hard lessons

That I was there

To learn as well as experience

Taking the good and making it better

It has not been easy

To let things that bother me

Just slip away

Since they have jolted me in some unexpected manner

As I make new dreams possible

I let the excitement carry me away

The feeling of joy and happiness I so desire

Overwhelms my being

To strive for a new beginning

That takes me on to a wonder

I would not and could not allow

Now I simply learned how

Living in a world of change

I am a powerful force

That can and will do wonderful things

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