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Look Up, Look Down, Look Forward, Look Around

Princess loves to express her ideas through writing. She is also an educator and a dreamer.


When efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated, look up;
He knows, He sees, He rewards.
When the pain is so much to bear and tears flow unknowingly, look up;
He knows, He sees, He comforts.
When the bills are high and the supply is low, look up;
He knows, He sees, He provides.

When you’re up high with success and achievement, kneel down;
Stay humble, stay grounded, stay kind.
When influence is great and relationships flourish, look down;
Stay humble, stay grounded, stay loving.
When prayers are answered and desires are granted, look down;
Stay humble, stay grounded, be grateful.


When failures and reality are slowly hitting hard, look forward;
Get up, unlearn and be wiser.
When people seem to walk away and you start feeling alone, look forward;
Get up, relearn and be stronger.
When life seems uncertain and the ending is unsure, look forward;
Get up, learn and be braver.

When you are overwhelmed with fears and doubts, look around;
Take a walk, feel the heat of the sun, breath, and know that you are blessed.
Life is a journey, nobody’s certain of what tomorrow may bring,
Rest in the knowledge that someone cares and pain is temporary.
Take one step after the other, trust the process, and do not stop believing.
He knows, He sees, He enables.