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Look Around, Around And Around

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There Is No Limit To What We Can See And Feel

Our minds are always working

There is no reason to shut ourselves down

Thoughts will flow as rapidly as a river

Ideas that are unreal and impossible will arise

Don't drop them like a hot potato

They may have some merit

We have to work and provide not just for today

But for us in the near and far away future

Our mind does the adding and subtracting

It automatically tosses out information that we find of no value

It stores all that it thinks is important

We are constantly updating and adjusting to every situation

Unconsciously and sometimes consciously simulataneously

That is a lot to take in

Parts of us want to have fun

Then there is another part that loves just to relax

It is so easy to stop

It is so hard to begin again

If we constantly keep our thoughts open to new possibilities

We can be on the fast track

Our life can reflect what we think

Then again it might not show

What is down the road

We should be careful of other people

Who try to sabotage our success

At the same time find the right people to trust

We can not be in a rush

We will miss the good and overlook so many opportunities

Then again we can't take all the time in the world

Because things change so rapidly

We will become outdated and overlooked in a flash

All our hard work will seem to be useless

Don't listen to this

This is your own mind playing tricks

It might have been advice from someone we trusted long ago

A family member or a friend

Maybe they had no intention of doing us any harm

The memory is strong

They reminded us it won't work and tried to convince us

We are wasting our time

We asked for no money

Just a little support

Lets do it

With or without the people's encouragement and help

We are determined to make a difference

It might take us longer and even a life time to complete

In the end

We will have something

That will help other people

Solve a problem or make something easier

It would be nice to say

Together we made something special

It might just be a dream that can't become reality

But who knows what tomorrow will bring

As we listen to the most beautiful birds sing

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