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Longing for Mom


I will always miss you, mom

even though you are long gone

only by remembering

that I can help ease the pain

Time has not healed all the wounds

it has left an emptiness

a longing that can't be filled

an ache evoked by your name

Memories of you linger

in all corners of the house

I can't help but shed a tear

even just saying your name

I miss hearing your sweet voice

even holding your gnarled hands

I yearn for your company

home will never be the same

I love you, sorry, thank you

words that I would like to say

that even just in my dreams

hope you get the chance to hear

Oh God why did you take her

You could have done it later

a plea for more time with her

what I asked in my prayer

In childhood, you've been denied

comfort you've always aspired

that is why you have worked hard

to make things easy for us

My dreams were only for you

to give you only the best

to enjoy what you have missed

from hard labor, you can rest

I still have plenty of plans

my wish for you were all grand

to see stamps on your passport

to travel around the world

We'll eat to our heart's desire

shop around till we get tired

a lavish treat for a queen

mom, you deserve everything

I know I need to move on

I can't just be sad for long

you would not want this for me

you want me to be happy

Don't worry I will be fine

might be sad once in a while

I will always make you proud

even when you're not around

© 2021 Harriet Dionela

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