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I miss your sable skin;

In the morn,

When sunrise breaks

The sky asunder

With corruscating beauty - like another beauty - you

Your lustrous smile,

Sweltering my heart

With passion,

- Like beady, burnished eyes

- Twin black pearls.

How lovely your guise -

When loneliness creeps in.

Your embrace cures the ailment,

The angst, the pain within.

I love you with a fire

My friend, my foe, my lover,

With utmost desire,

My nonpareil sovereign,

Inamorata, helpmate, cover.

Lay your world of pain on me,

Beloved queen, I beg.

Let me hold your hand throughout

The shadiness and bog.

Through this labyrinth of life

Crown-you will I with soft care,

Choice gifts,

Peace welcoming,

A place to call home,

Newborns sweet, delightful,

My everlasting love.

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