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Updated on December 11, 2017
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Dabby Lyric has been a poet for 17 years. She enjoys dabbling into many genres and forms of the art. She writes to inspire others.

Have You Ever Been Stalked?
Have You Ever Been Stalked? | Source


He watched Her…

in plain sight.

No ski mask or

darkened alley

to cause fright.





He drove off

once “I” found shelter-

from Him.

I was a teenager-a child.

I was a teenager-a child.

He was an Adult.

He was My Stalker.

A nameless victim-

I soon became.

To Mother I went

to finally vent.

The whole picture,

she did not see.

My mind was tainted

for the view painted

was of a young man,

not a grown ass one.

She thought I

was well-liked

by trusting eyes-

not wicked ones.

We didn’t treat

it like a crime.

Scared to bring heat

and drop a dime.

Parents were divorced

and living apart.

I feared this would force

Pops to catch a case.

The predator finally

cornered his prey-discreetly.

We were at the mall.

He, with trusting wife.

Me, with loving Mom.

I froze…

“When I see you walking,

I want to pick you up.”

He revealed his wish-

wish I’d made him pay.

Those sickening words

Haunt me till this day.

To Mom, I ran-

from this sick man.

Comfort me, she did.

Behind her, I hid.

Yet, fingers never dialed

the ones who profile.

I felt like Rockwell

With his cult classic-

“Somebody’s Watching Me.”

I knew it all too well!

Being stalked was indeed scary.

Wish I’d narced from the start.

Sadly, it is a part

of my traumatic history.

My body, NEVER touched!

My soul, wasn’t spared as much!

A decade later,

our paths crossed

once more.

He asked if

I was the girl

who lived with

her Mother.




to run but

my legs had

lost their guts.


He recounted his

stalker-happy days

of watching me walk

home from the schoolbus.

If I had a gun

I would’ve

killed HIM!

He gave up the ghost

and slithered away.

Refueled car of gas

which I did pre-pay.

These Haunting scenes stay

on repeat like clock-work.

I pray that He wasn’t

a repeat offender.

He watched ME…

Who is watching YOU?!

Have you or someone you know ever been stalked?

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  • Dabby Lyric profile image

    Dabby Lyric 4 months ago from US

    Thank you Peggy for reading and commenting.

    Yes, it was a very traumatic ordeal and I'm still haunted by it. It has left long lasting scars deep within my soul. I've had quite a few traumatic experiences in my life Seeking counseling was overdue. My faith in God kept from from completely going mad!

  • PegCole17 profile image

    Peg Cole 4 months ago from Dallas, Texas

    What a creepy feeling, to be aware of someone watching and stalking you. I hope he was harmless physically but I can see it affected you emotionally. You've conveyed the distress nicely in this poem.

  • Dabby Lyric profile image

    Dabby Lyric 4 months ago from US

    Thanks for featuring another of my poems on here! It's appreciated.