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Loneliness Entrenched

Paul is an Engineer. A graduate from a Catholic University. A rebel and a romantic...

Here lies the dream

Of a man who's not what he seems

Everyday he'd walk to work

Avoiding smiles with his uncanny quirk

But at the back of the facade...

Is a lonely man begging for a friendly nod...

What was his dream?

He moves as if he is losing steam

Is the coal in his heart still burning?

Stoic outside but inside he is squirming.

He walks with his left fist clenched

Ready to strike heavily his heart

His heart which cannot fall in love

His day painfully starts

It ends with loneliness entrenched.

Does he still pray to God above?

He grew weary of being blighted

Without remorse he decided

To pick up the shiny thing that he sighted

Second thoughts were uninvited

Struggled to complete the prayer he recited

To the ashes he will be reunited.

Here lies the man who had a dream

Not to be supreme

But to be rescued by love so extreme

For he is drowning downstream

No one listened to his silent scream.

© 2018 Paul Balagtas


Paul Balagtas (author) from Philippines on October 20, 2018:

Thank you Ms. Lora for the insights....I wrote the poem May of 2018 at a time I lost a lot of material things and many friends with it...I found myself begging for understanding and love...At that point stripped of everything I deemed important....I returned to God and just allowed my heart to write what it feels....If you'd read my other poems here you'd see a roller coaster of emotions....jumping from joy to sadness...desperation to hope.... I hope our words can wake up that spirit of accountability.....there is someone out there who needs love...

Lora Hollings on October 19, 2018:

Paul, your poem really does make us think about what is the essence of life. To love and be loved in return is what eludes many people, sadly. People can even be in the company of others and yet still feel very alone. Most of us aren't very good at discerning the feelings of others and often times, we unintentionally ignore them or don't put much effort into trying to understand even those that are close to us and live in a state of such despair that it pushes them to desperate measures and their untimely and tragic deaths. We all need to take time to reach out to others and help them see the value in their lives and give them a sense of self-worth. If we don't ever try to ease the pain and loneliness of someone else and offer them friendship and lend them emotional support so that they can feel that others do love and care about them, then what do our lives really amount to? Your poem serves as a wake up call to this very sad situation and often people's indifference to those who feel so alienated from others and feel that they don't have a way out of their painful existence. And yet they do but no one is there to help them! A very well- written poem that conveys the overwhelming feeling of desperation to the reader.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on October 17, 2018:

People are not always the same on the inside as they appear. Many put on a brave face but are suffering inner turmoil. Well-written poem.

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