Updated on December 20, 2017


I am under the Impression that a wink Is a language that tells a lot...

I blink a lot but I'm not sure that's strange.

The camera shutters and clicks, I guess the photo shoots.

He picked a knife and threatened to slay her, he was deranged.

The car speaks a language so obvious, don't applaud, the horn hoots.

I lost balance as I approached the door, I fell, oh well, clumsy me.

I sing horribly, or that I have come to believe.

Everything else around me Is so beautiful; but that Is rarely the case.

The self you reflect Is nothing to the Image they see;

However, she dresses Incredibly well, like flowers arranged in a vase.

She found my judgement absurd but I guess It comes with being me.

It's hysterical how she confuses herself with strange beliefs.

There Is an apparent clarity to the point of loneliness and being with you.

I drove all the way with the mist and fog in my glass to your relief,

To prove the faith in humanity I preach that you have no clue.

Refusing the strain of why I rebuked her actions she bellowed

I've come a long way to succumb to your cold ways,

That I dare you to freeze and be free of the grieve in your disease;

Of being alone and set straight the records here in this place.

For there is chance in walking in pairs as there is unity indeed.

Answers expected but the question asked Ignored.

Such a stubborn heart but I guess that’s what I get

From having a stubborn mind and unfailing issues.

To being involved with matters large and emotions suppressed;

And having time allocated to your actions and your words reviewed...

© 2017 Krakye Omane Poku


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    • KrakyePoku profile image

      Krakye Omane Poku 4 months ago from Ghana

      thanks very much Lit

    • profile image

      Letty 4 months ago

      Great work.. It feels good to see you back with great poems. God job