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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

I'm not concerned about my flesh but my mind
I'm soaked up with tears of pain
I'm in need of a healing soap
I'm in a life circle of Ichabod.

7 billion people on this planet
I guess one soul wouldn't matter
No one cares that's all that matters
It takes the exist of a soul to attract a matter.

The truth is, they make a pun outta my ugliness
So I wear a fake smile to cover up my ugliness
I lost my pack, I can't picture any of them
So I picked up my confidence with no pride.

But again my confidence is falling me
A large part of me is coexisting somewhere else
I'm losing the touch of reality, am i schizophrenic?
Paranoid with blur vision, I can hear voices from within.

I'm tried of experiencing unusual shifts in mood
My energy level isn't winning but I'm cool
This is something like a manic depressive illness
So I thought bromazepam could deal with my bipolar.

This shiit happens at random
After a long period of pretends, tears starts raining
Everybody seems to understand nothing
But then every storm runs outta rain
Every dark night turns into a new day.

What if I'm already on a new day and mine is dark
Nobody will ever understand the hell I feel inside my head.

© 2019 Christopher Ndulue

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