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Lone Soldier Standing Tall

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Spent over a year in self enforced confinement

Buried away to hide from the world at large

Didn't deal with the past in order to have a present

Decided to suit up to have a more peaceful future

Where respect was given and earned in equal measure

Gave it away freely in last platoon and not have it returned

Unfair advantage brought on by a ruthless player

Valued the time in the squadron more than they did

Of course, eyes clouded by silly things such as sentiment

Realized that emotion played little in war games

Had to be emotionless and lethal to stay sane and alive

Don't always go hand in hand in this demented game

Took a chance on a playing ground that was deadly

Unsure of where to make the next move

Surveying the minefield ridden landscape ahead

Perplexed as to where to step without getting hit

Landing on explosive territory that left body count

Playing the ultimate chess game where lives can be lost

Made a decision that could change the course of this battle

As to who won and who lost it all

Cavalier to act in such a callous way, but risks earned rewards

Learning how battle was like "Kissin' Dynamite" by AC/DC

Fearless in subjects that matter; even when bothersome

Pulled the ripcord and no longer afraid of getting wounded

There was nothing left to hurt anymore

Knowing your mettle and worth as a soldier important part

Demanding respect and a seat at the table

Meant more than sidelining integrity to keep the peace

Beyond any feelings of PTSD and the like

Just looking to tackle the world head on

No matter how many people squirm at the idea

Too old to be playing childish games any way

Finally, looking to become the grown-up at the head seat

In charge of the castle and the strategies

Making the next move to a decent conclusion


Looking ahead at the horizon.

Looking ahead at the horizon.

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