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Haunts me this world..
Prick me those ugly thorns..
Potholes clog my way..
Falling deaf to my horns..
Lost as I feel..
In this new world's map..
Dotting my ways..
With whispers of escape..
I sigh to the air..
How unequalled I am..
To the ways of this world..
And dwellers of the same..
I rebuke my heart..
Or vice versa the case..?
I fall very behind..
To this newfound race..
I cage my thoughts..
Run them in my mind..
Shivers though my tongue..
To give them sound..
Why I feel so intimidated..?
Why I feel so dumb..?
All of it shrouds me..
Rendering me numb..
My blank sheet of imaginations..
Seem scribbled in white..
I'm so lost in this world..
Camouflaged in bright..

Why every fork of road..
Looms a dark mirage..
Me winning the loser..
Of every relay I charge..
Turns of roads..
Fetch me some lessons..
Yet I fall again..
At breakers of new stations..
Why every ball knocks me out..?
Why every trailer flops..?
Even before the film is up..
My heart's rolling stops..
I rein in my notions..
Deeming them in vain..
as a paper boat that floats..
in puddles during rains..
The fingers of my clock..
Refuse to inch further..
The sands fight against gravity..
The bones of time sunder..
Yet I am sitting idle..
I am confused what to do..
Do you have a better idea..
To have me rescued...???

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